Cricket coaching

– to improve technical skills

Hockey Coaching

– focussing on hockey specific skills

Soccer Coaching

– skills to enhance prospective and existing soccer stars

Baseball Coaching

– to improve your baseball and softball skills

Junior Athletics Skills

– fun sessions to engage with the young child


Christo Parsons, the founder and owner of Parsons Inc. (founded 2019), has a very unique but effective coaching style which we refer to as the ” Parsons Inc.”  way. This encompasses a way of coaching any skill based on encouraging mistakes and improving rather than looking to train in a robotic and repetitive manner. “We want to eradicate the fear of failure in the youth of today”. -C Parsons B.Ed(FET).

Parsons Inc. is a indoor training fascility that offers various activities to kids/adults. Comfortably situated in the Waterkloof Corner Shopping Centre close to local restaurants and amenities.

  • Professional Cricket-, Soccer-,Hockey-, Baseball and Softball coaching for ages 4  – 19
  • Batting cage for Baseball and Cricket for profesionals, Dads, Amateurs and fun -seekers.
  •  Athletic development sessions for ages 3.5 -19 year olds.
  • Birth day parties and coporate teambuilding

“The Parsons Inc         way” 

Parsons Inc. aims to not only focus on one dimension of a player’s development, but more on holistic skills together with sport specific skills to help a young player become a confident and intelligent individual in a social context as well as on the sports field. 


We encourage doing as many of any sport as you can find!

Parsons Inc. was founded to address the gap in the development of the modern youth and we believe that talent is not innate, it is created by doing the right things, making mistakes (failing forward) and constantly improving oneself. And in doing that, improving one’s own general athletic skills to develop and contribute to each individuals’ training journey in a specific sport.

But, it is all about family fun as well, we give the opportunity for the whole family to get busy and play in our indoor facility. So we also act as your back yard.

So come train or just simply play!


Parsons Inc. offers a variety of sport skills training. We offer sport skill coaching in cricket, soccer, hockey, softball and baseball, incorporated with an athletic development programme.

All programs can be booked online, to ensure a comfortable weekly timeslot.

All of these specialised sports are taught by experienced coaches, with the appropriate expertise to develop the skills needed for the child’s sport of choice. 

If you are keen for a challenge, try our batting cage. First publicly accessible batting cage in the country.

“Fun way to break a sweat!”

All coaching is done at our indoor facilities at Waterkloof Corner, Waterkloof, Pretoria, equipped with expandable nets.

We look forward to see you soon in the nets!

– Sachin Tendulkar

I just keep it simple.
Watch the ball and play on merit.

Cricket Coaching by Parsons Inc.

Parsons Inc. offers individual cricket coaching, specialising in technical aspects such as:

  • Specialist bowling coaching
  • Bio-mechanical improvement in bowl actions
  • Training of overall technical cricket skills (batting/bowling/fielding)
  • Video analysis of technique and feedback
  • Individualised focus approach to coaching
  • Assist teams with pre-season preparation

We offer individual & group cricket coaching  services:

  • Min Age 4 yrs
  •  Individual coaching (one-on-one)
  • Group session ( Maximum 4 players/hour)
  • Batting cage (Electronic bowl machine)
  • Parties/Corporate team building
Meet the coach

Christo Parsons

Christo Parsons, the founder and owner of Parsons Inc. (founded 2019), started the business because of his passion for developing young people’s sports skills and talents, as today’s youth are tomorrow’s sports stars.

Cricket is Christo’s speciality. He’s been an avid cricketer since early childhood and has been a cricket coach since 2002.

Christo has coached at many levels over the last 17 years, at various cricket academies for primary, high school and tertiary level (at the University of Pretoria). He coached primary and high school kids at:

  • Kings School RobinHills
  • Hoërskool Randburg
  • Hoërskool Menlo Park

Coaching at tertiary/ club at:

  • Employed by The UP High Performance Centre
  • University of Pretoria’s Tuks Cricket Club 2009 -2013
  • Assistant coach to Elite Squad
  • Team manager for USSA Tuks–team 2011,2012
  • Team manager/assistant coach National Club Champs 2010 -2013
  • Coached at Tuks Cricket Academy – junior and senior players

The experience he gained throughout his coaching career, both from being a coach and from knowledge shared by his fellow coaches, was invaluable. And all this proficiency is applied at Parsons Inc. Sports to the benefit of his students and coaches.

Christo holds a Level 2 CSA Coaching qualification combined with his 17 years’ experience working with young players aged 6 -19 yrs. He also recently obtained his B.Ed (Further Education and Training) –Bachelor’s degree in education.


Note: Balls and accessories provided. No spikes/cleats. Bring own cricket equipment.

  • Walk- in Batting Cage: 200ZAR/Hour or 100ZAR/30 min. (Can also be booked online, walk in sessions based on availability)
  • Individual  lessons (Recommended) 1400ZAR/month for 4 x 1 hour session per month.
  • Group Skills session: 800ZAR/month for 1 group session weekly. ( Maximum 4  of players/group)
  • Corporate/Party or Team Session/hour – at Parsons Inc.: 750 ZAR/hour 
  • Rent-a-net/ hour/lane (4 x lanes are available): 150 ZAR/ hour (i.e. club players, son /dad,  professionals)

Terms and conditions apply

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No Pain. No Gain.

Hard work.
Makes things look easy.

Hockey Coaching by VIsion Sport

Vision Sport will help your child develop a level of physical competence and teamwork that will give them an advantage on the sports field.

The program focusses on:

  • develop players on and off the hockey field.
  • develop players’ technical ability, mental strength.
  • developing their vision and understanding of the game.
  • skill assessment and program development for individual needs.

We offer professional-,technical- and fun coaching sessions for various ages.

 Fun and professional coaching done by passionate individuals with a vast array of experience working with children of all ages.

  • Ages 4 – 6 introductory (beginner)
  • Ages 7 – 9
  • Ages 10 -13
  • Ages 14  – Club level

Vision Sport sessions at the Parsons Inc. Indoor facility are an hour in length, with no more than 8 individuals per group with a minimum of 4.

A specialised coach will coach these sessions and ensure a fun and growing experience, starting your hockey career, or continuing your hockey journey.

Meet the coach

Coach Josie Martin is extremely passionate about hockey and very focused on the detail and the process of acquiring skills on the hockey field. She has a keen eye for the technical aspects which is exactly what Parsons Inc envisioned working with Vision Sport. She is involved at multiple institutions as well as schools, coaching and managing hockey programs.

A guaranteed fun filled, technically correct- and energized coaching session awaits.



  • (Each package contains 4 x 1 hour sessions)
  • Individual Session – R2250 p.m. (2 Lanes)
  • 2 Player group – R1800 p.m. (3 Lanes)
  • 4 Player group – R1000 p.m. (3 Lanes)
  • 6 to 8 Player group – R800 p.m. (3 Lanes)

** If a group wants to have a player 1 more than group amount then price will remain in price bracket above eg. 3 Players then will each pay R1800 **

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Hard work. Real Results.

The pain you feel today will be
the strength you feel tomorrow.

Soccer Coaching

Parsons Inc offers individual and group soccer coaching by partnering with FOOTNETICS SOCCER.

We believe as Arsène Wenger always says, that you build a player like you build a house; you start with the foundation, the fundamentals, the basics.

FOOTNETICS’ soccer vision is to equip young boys and girls with the basics, the fundamentals of football such as:

  • passing,
  • receiving,
  • dribbling,
  • heading,
  • shooting,
  • ball control … and more.

FOOTNETICS offer soccer coaching to the following groups:

  • Ages 4 and up (Individual)
  • Beginner group ( 4yrs -6 yrs)
  • Intermediate group (7yrs -9 yrs)
  • Advance group (10yrs -13 yrs)
  • Parties & Corporate Teambuilding:  4 vs 4 Tournaments (All equipment supplied)
Meet the coach


The Footnetics soccer program is run by Head Coach Brendan Hawkey. Brendan play club soccer and developed a strong passion for the technical aspects of the game. 

Brendan has a lot of experience and a very high work ethic, combined with an unprecedented passion for development of the sport he  most certainly is a massive asset to Parsons Inc.


His coaching style is strict, but focused on teaching the right skills and the right time in  a fun and engaging yet professional approach.




Group session:  800ZAR per month (4 x group sessions, maximum 8 players)

Individual sessions: R 350 per hour/ per individual

Parties & Corporate Team building: 750ZAR/hour (Bookings

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– Tommy Lasorda

The difference between the possible, and impossible lies in a person’s determination


Baseball & Softball Coaching

We offer skills training to improve your baseball and softball technical skills to individuals and groups. The coaching will focus on:

  • Power hitting (Max 4 players/Hour)
  • Pitching (Max Group 6/Hour)
  • Catching (Max Group 8/hour)
  • Development of athletic ability
  • Individual sessions 
Meet the coach

LTAD is a new concept in South Africa, offered to develop the athletic ability of children aged 4-12. Christo Parsons will coach this development programme.


Individual sessions:  300 ZAR/ hour (all ages)

Group sessions: 150 ZAR/ hour /per child (Max groups of 10)

Meet the Coach

Neil Fourie has been in the Baseball- and softball coaching industry for 10 years. He completed his coaching qualifications through the MLB.(Major League Baseball)

He is a very passionate coach and specializes working with young players.

Meet the coach

LTAD is a new concept in South Africa, offered to develop the athletic ability of children aged 4-12. Christo Parsons will coach this development programme.


Individual sessions:  300 ZAR/ hour (all ages)

Group sessions: 150 ZAR/ hour /per child (Max groups of 10)

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– tim Notke

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Athletic Development Programme

Parsons Inc. sports coaching programmes not only focuses on ball skills development but also the further enhancement of children’s long-term athletic development (LTAD). 

Although playing the sport for fun should be every child’s priority, we have learned over time that self-confidence dwindles when technical and personal skills are lacking in the individual.

The LTAD program is aimed at developing basic athletic skills in children aged 3.5 -12yrs, addressing the needs that are generally not acquired in schools today.

The LTAD program is designed to:

  • Offer fun – in an energetic and focused form
  • Improve agility, balance, coordination and speed
  • Build self-confidence 
  • Develop performance
  • Increase social skills
  • Improve posture
  •  Encourage a healthy body and mind
  •  Bio -mechanical assessment and imrpovement
What is Athletic Development?

 LTAD(Long Term Athletic Development) is a new concept in South Africa, offered to develop the athletic ability of children aged 4-12. Sessions are focused on developmental aspects, thus ensuring that children learn basic abilities prior to learning a sport skill. Abilities such as Balance, Co-ordination, agility, Physical awareness and Speed.(ABC’S)

“Children learn sport specific skills a lot faster when they have the “ABC’s” in place…”


Individual sessions:  

* ages 3 – 4 years  100ZAR/30 min.(Short Themed and Fun)No Booking required.

*ages 4 – 6 years 200ZAR/hour (Online booking required)

* Mom/Dad + child (Free play) 100ZAR/hour

Group sessions: 150 ZAR/ hour /per child (Max groups of 10 kids/Min 4 kids)

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– Serena Williams

You have to be Fearless to have success

Sports Performance Services

Winning Strategies   

At Parsons Inc. we strive to offer the latest in technology and performance service and making it available to the general public. We have partnered with Dr. J Bester of Winning Strategies,  a registered performance coach who has worked with many international athletes as well as professionals of various sports. Although our focus is basic sport development, it will be naïve to think that sport skills exist solely in the realm of repetition of movements, obviously we also have thoughts and mental processes involved in our daily lives. DR J Bester has developed programs that can assist any individual in developing processes that can help the athlete/person understand performance, reflect on inner workings of their mind and create consistency in performance by developing mental tools that can help progression to more performance driven mental state.


Meet the coach

Dr. J Bester

Excellence in Sport is achieved in the mind before it is reached on the field.

It is strange that while we know the truth, we very seldom practice it. We spend more time on the field, in gymnasiums and in strategy meetings watching videos of our opposition than we do running our own brains. For example, you have heard the phrase that cricket is 90% Mental and 10% skill, yet we spend most of our time developing the skills only.

Through his company, WINNING STRATEGIES, Dr Johan Bester has been training company executives and professional athletes since 2001. He has been studying the field of mind performance coaching since 1996 under various international mind coaches and hast vast experience in helping people unlock their full potential. 






450ZAR/hour for individual mental coaching.

650ZAR/hour for team mental coaching.

Contact Winning Strategies

DR. J Bester    082 455 1636

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Online Bookings

Please make use of our online booking system to secure your chosen session.

Booking terms and conditions

Booking fees have a 48 hour cancellation policy (fees will be charged and are payable in full to the coaches for cancellations less than 48 hours in advance).

A cancellation fee is applicable for both individual and group lessons.

Please contact us if you need to make changes to your booking.

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